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Surveillance de ponts, monitoring de ponts

Avoid this kind of accident with HAPPY MONITORING


Most high-risk bridges are known to the authorities. But how can they be monitored to avoid a disaster?


The HAPPY MONITORING solution offers permanent monitoring in real time and generates alerts when the set tolerances are exceeded or when the travel speed reaches the predefined limit.


Before HAPPY MONITORING came on the market, solutions were expensive and difficult to implement.

RTK correction data are provided by an HAPPY BASE installed at a distance of several hundred meters from the Rovers.

To do this, HAPPY MONITORING sensors are installed on locations determined to be the most unstable in the eyes of the geologist. Usually on abutments and along the bridge.

In this way, any displacement can be detected, reported and appropriate action taken immediately.

AWith HAPPY MONITORING, bridge loads are measured continuously and conclusions are drawn on the overall condition of the bridge.


The measurement data can be directly integrated into the project manager's database via an XML query.

Surveillance de ponts, monitoring de ponts
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