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INSTALLATION (Subject to change without notice)

- How do I know when a sensor is no longer sending data ?

> This is immediately noticeable because there are deficient values in the uploaded files. 

             There can be several reasons for a sensor not to send any more data:

1° If the phone connection is cut. In this case, the operator must go on site. In general, it is a power supply problem.

2° If the phone connection is still active, then HAPPY MONITORING will try to re-initialize the sensor remotely. In this case, HAPPY      MONITORING will inform you of the results.

- Is HAPPY MONITORING able to send me alarms for exceeding predefined distances ? 

> Once a day, the HAPPY SERVER sends you on your FTP server all the statements of the last 24 hours. On your side, you can at  any          time, at your own pace, make an XML request to the HAPPY SURVEY.


   If you wish to obtain alarms relating to distances of movements on the 3 axes, then simply ask HAPPY MONITORING Ltd to inform you     via SMS or e-mail when a value that you have pre-defined is exceeded. This service is subject to an extra charge. It is then up to you     to take the necessary measures.


- Is HAPPY MONITORING able to deliver an entire monitoring station ? 

> HAPPY MONITORING only delivers the sensors with the power cable mounted with its connector and without the SIM card.

   Each installation is different and requires a particular study which can only be done with the companies on site.

   Please refer to the document "Recommendations for the installation of an Happy Monitoring sensor".

- Can the installation of a sensor in the immediate proximity of an high-voltage line interfere with and influence the measurements ?

> No, just like the passage of an electric locomotive whose magnetic field is even stronger.

- Is it possible to relocate the installation or use the sensors to another geographical position ? 

> Yes, this is possible, but HAPPY MONITORING Ltd must be informed and the installation must then be reset. There is a charge for this     service. 



- Is it possible to mount a second SIM card in a sensor ?

> No, HAPPY HAWK sensors have only one SIM card slot. The small model, EIDER, has no SIM card slot, but is connected to the                 network via a hotspot.

- Is it possible to fit SIM cards from different vendors into sensors that are part of the same installation?

        > Yes, it is important to choose the SIM card (data) from the supplier that offers the best quality of coverage at the sensor location. Or              to choose multi providers SIM cards.



- Is it possible to store our data on our own server ?

> Yes, HAPPY MONITORING Ltd offers the possibility for customers who wish to proceed in this way to store their data in their own              Server. However, the calculation of the results and the remote control of the sensors will always and exclusively be done by HAPPY        MONITORING Ltd.


- Is the system remotely controllable?

        > Yes, everything is remotely controllable by HAPPY MONITORING Ltd, unless the power supply and/or internet connection are cut off.

            Updates, resetting, switching on and off as well as function control of the system are done remotely.

- What is the operating temperature range of the HAPPY MONITORING sensors ?

> The sensors operate between -35°C and +75°C. The temperature inside their protective cap is higher than outside. The control              monitor, shows you in real time, the internal temperature of the sensor.

    For other elements, such as the battery or the solar panel, equipment must be acquired according to the climatic conditions on site.  

- How tight are the sensors ?

> They are IP68 rated.

- What is the MTBF of the sensors ?

> No moving parts make up the sensors. Sensors have been in operation for more than 10 years.

- Is there any preventive maintenance to be done ?

> No

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