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1. Preparing for production

   (the sensors are already mounted at the locations provided by the geologist)


- Acquire SIM cards for each sensor from operators with maximum coverage at the sensor location. 

- Inform HAPPY MONITORING Ltd of all your personal details, communication data (e-mail, telephone, SMS, etc).

- Fill in the form "Instructions for sending data" (FTP-Push, XML).

2. Start of production

- Insert the SIM card into the sensor(s).

- Power the sensor(s).

- Contact HAPPY MONITORING Ltd to initialize the system.

- HAPPY MONITORING Ltd confirms that the server "sees" the sensor(s).

- Wait for the return message from HAPPY MONITORING Ltd (about 24 hours) informing you that accuracy has been achieved and that        the system is working perfectly.

- Ready to operate the system! ... BE HAPPY !

3. Operations

- Every day at the agreed time, you receive your data (Push) on your FTP server. These data can be used in direct relation to the GIS        (Geographic Information System) software you are using.

- In addition, you can, at the desired time and as many times as you want, send an XML request. These XML files are sent to you free      of charge with the coordinates of the points.

- HAPPY MONITORING offers you its WebPage system allowing you to visualize graphically the data of your sensors.

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